Proper Food

Food to us, isn't just a bunch of ingredients thrown together in a pan. Food to us is an experience. We are passionate about good food and our products are about the best sourced meat, cut the way we like it right here on the premises, or the freshest cooked batter that is crisp and perfect to the taste buds. All of our food is handmade, with no machines or volume processing, just lovingly prepared, British food.

We could say that we sell the best British foods, but actually, we strive for more than that... What you find here at The Proper Pie Company is probably even better than anything you would find in England! Right here in Davenport Florida, you will find a unique piece of England. 100% quality, 100% taste and 100% British tradition.

A great British taste sensation

Proper Pies

Our pies are pies done properly. With restaurant standard fillings inside a light flaky, double puff pastry, our pies are 100% quality.

We make traditional British pies that have a pastry top and bottom, made with our own tradition of using the finest ingredients. We are so particular about what goes into our pies, that we cut the meat ourselves on our premises. We source the best beef and we use white, organic chicken, not bruised, battered, mass produced ingredients.

You haven't had a proper pie until you've tasted a Proper Pie Company pie! And we offer a meal and not a mouthful, 12-14oz pies compared to the 7oz offered by some others we could mention...

Whether you try our Steak, Potato & Guinness pie, our Shepherd's Pie in a Pie, or our Cordon Bleu chicken pie, you won't be disappointed.

Fish & Chips

A great favourite of the Brits, this time-honoured traditional British fayre is also a hit with our American counterparts.

Of course, it could be because we only ever cook it to order, to ensure that the batter is sumptuously light, crisp and fresh. Or it could be because of our homemade tartar sauce. Or maybe it's the accompanying curry sauce or mushy peas that creates the feeling of being on the South coast of England... One of our customers describes us ‘Like a quick trip across the Pond!'

Whether you have been to England or not, this is definitely one to try. From the Battered Sausage to the Cod coated in the lightest, tastiest batter, all served on the pre-requisite newspaper, it's a British treat for the taste buds.

English Groceries

With 70 lines of confectionary and grocery items, The Proper Pie Company boasts more British goods than you can get anywhere else around!

Get yourself a taste of England with some British favourites including:

Cadbury's Chocolate
Walkers Crisps
Pot Noodle
Batchelors Cuppa Soup
Aunt Bessie's

Far too many to list here... And if we haven't got it, that doesn't mean we can't get it. So, come in and see what we have and if there's something in particular you just can't live without? Well, we'll see what we can do!

Sweet Treats

Well, we don't need to keep all that fine pastry for savoury pies, do we? Not when you can enjoy Apple Pie and Custard!

And we don't just have a selection of fruit pies, we have Homemade Scottish Shortbread, Eccles cakes, Scones served with Jam & Cream and a whole host of English cakes, sweets and chocolate.

You can also come and enjoy Afternoon Tea with us... How absolutely splendid! With a selection of sandwiches, cakes and the finest English Tea, even the Queen would be delighted with our selection.

Keep your eyes open too for our seasonal goodies, from Christmas Puddings to Hot Cross Buns, we love to indulge and delight our customers all year round.